Safetech’s ultra low profile scissor lift table is ideally suited to use with a hand pallet truck.

With a capacity of 1000kg’s and a low height of just 40-mm the LoLift can be used in applications where wheeled access onto the lift deck is essential or with high pallet loads. The LoLift is accessible with a hand pallet truck or with a wheelchair. This makes the LoLift ideal for disabled access where low steps present an obstacle.

lolift pallet loadingSafetech’s ultra lowprofile scissor lift table is ideally suited to use with a hand pallet truck.

Safetech LoLift has the following features:

  • 1000kg lift capacity
  • 40-mm height platform
  • Reach over only 9.5cm’s allowing easy operator access to load from sides
  • Wall mount control standard. Option of pendant or foot controls
  • Durable construction in accordance with AS 1250 steel standard
  • Safety bars or skirts to protect operator. Photo eye protection across entrance.


  • Smartlift, a control and safety feature unique to Safetech that offers productivity, safety and maintenance advantages. Smartlift provides an electronic diagnostic system with automatic down indexing and enhanced safety characteristics
  • Roll through capability. Ideal for disabled access. Roll through allows wheeled entry from the one side of the table and exit at the opposite side.
  • Choice of deck construction – stainless steel, checker plate and more


  • Manual palletising or depalletising
  • Loading or unloading of stillages, containers, bins, bags, bricks, tiles
  • For elevating product placed on conveyors, into feeding hoppers, extruders
  • Maintenance of process and production equipment
  • Personnel lifts
  • Disabled access
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